Monday, August 29, 2016

The Star Reading Test and Introducing Accelerated Reader

Star Reading Test  Today we are going to take the Star Reading Test which is going to help provide a sense of what your current reading level is. Once we determine your reading level we will better be able to match you up with engaging books that are just right for you. Make sure you do your very best. Read carefully and use your new context clues strategy. Good luck! You can find a link to the test here.  

Introducing Accelerated Reading and Taking Your First Quiz  Watch the video below to get a basic introduction of how the Accelerated Reader program works.


Later this week I will provide you with the results of your Star Reading Test, we'll work together to determine your A.R. reading goal for the quarter, and we'll head to the library to pick out awesome books that are just right for you. 

Homework  Read your Newsela 'Pokemon Go' article carefully, answer the 4 questions, and write a summary paragraph about what you read. This assignment must be completed by Friday, September 2

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