Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rights, Responsibilities, and Read-Aloud

Warm-Up: Complete Student Survey  Welcome to the second day of sixth grade. Take a few moments to complete your Getting to Know You - Student Survey from your Language Arts Google Classroom. When you are finished click the "Turn In" button on the top of your document. If you finished early, you can take a few minutes to explore and personalize your new Chromebook. 

Rights and Responsibilities  As citizens and as members of this classroom community we have both rights and responsibilities. For example, we have the right to learn but we also have a responsibility to work hard. What do you you think some of our classroom rights and responsibilities should be? Share your ideas on one of our class Padlet walls: Period 3 here, Period 5 here, and Period 6 here.  

Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Expectations  How should we enter the classroom? When do we get to sharpen our pencils? What do I do if I need to use the bathroom? Do you give detention? During this time, I will answer all of your questions regarding classroom rules, procedures, and expectations, as well as share potential consequences for violating agreed upon rules. To learn more about the class and my expectations, you can access our class syllabus here.    

Read-Aloud: Thank You, Mr. Falker  The book we are going to read aloud today features a teacher that made a big difference in one young girl's life. Before we read, think about an important teacher in your life. Why is this teacher so important to you? Now in your small groups have a conversation about the important teachers in your lives that made a difference. Next, as you listen to the story think about what makes Mr. Falker such a good teacher.

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