Thursday, August 25, 2016

Identifying and Analyzing Character Traits in "Eleven"


Mrs. Price 
Guiding Questions for "Eleven"  As we read the short story "Eleven" again (which can still be found here), we will also stop periodically to consider some guiding questions related to the text (which can be found below). Be prepared to discuss your ideas with your partner and small group and be ready to share out with the whole class. 

Identifying Character Traits  After reading the short story "Eleven," reflect on what you've learned about its main characters: Rachel and Mrs. Price. Who are they as people? What character traits do they reveal through their words, actions, and feelings? Using your character trait list form earlier in the week (you can still find a link here), identify several different traits you would associate with each character. You can post your trait ideas on your class's Padlet wall: Period 3Period 5Period 6.    

Homework  (1.) Don't forget two assignments are due tomorrow: Your Learning to Read Story and Context Clues Practice assignment. Make sure they are completed and 'turned-in' in order to receive full credit. (2.) Study for the Context Clues Quiz we'll be having tomorrow! Make sure you understand how context clues can help you figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Review your homework assignment, my Blog posts on the topic, and the online activities and games we played. 

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