Monday, August 22, 2016

Focus on Vocabulary: Context Clues

Context Clues (Day 2)  Let's continue to practice learning how to use context clues as a strategy to figure out the meaning of unknown words. To begin, let's listen to a musical tribute to the wonders of context clues by checking out the video below. 

Now check out this video tutorial about the different ways you can use context clues to unlock the mystery of words you don't know. 

Now let's practice using context clues by exploring the activity here.

Next, let's have some fun with context clues by playing some online games here and here.  

Finally, go to your Language Arts Google Classroom and locate the assignment Context Clues Practice and continue to familiarize yourself with the wonders of context clues. 

Homework  Continue working on the assignment Context Clues Practice, which must be completed and 'turned in' by Friday, August 26.

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