Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Introduction to Fiction: Characters and Character Traits

Lakeview's Student Creed  According to our principal, Dr. Rosa Hernández, "Our intent in reciting the creed on a daily basis is to to build a positive school culture at LVMS that promotes high academic achievement, fosters the development of our student’s self-esteem, and reinforces the value of community. Our student creed reinforces Lakeview Middle School's core values of: Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence." 

What does reciting a creed at other schools look like? Check out the videos below.

What is Lakeview's creed? Check it out and get to know it. 

Introduction to the Elements of Fiction  Most of us know that fiction is a type of writing that comes from a writer's imagination. Different types of fiction share many common elements, including plot, character, setting, and theme. To learn more about the elements of fiction check out the video below. 

Characters and Character Traits  Characters are the people, animals and imaginary creatures who take part in the action of a story. Characters are reveled by their traits, or qualities. Courageous, kind, and selfish are three examples of traits. (Lists of character traits can be found here, as well as below. 

You can learn about characters' traits by paying attention to their speech, thoughts, feelings, and actions; the speech, thoughts, and actions of other characters; the writers' direct statements about them; and their physical characteristics. 

Character Trait Activity  Using Padlet, let's identify famous characters from literature or movies and TV shows and their traits.  Click your class period to go to the appropriate Padlet wall to get started: 3rd Period, 5th Period, and 6th Period. Directions are posted on each wall.   

Homework  Complete your Context Clues Practice assignment and Learning to Read Story, both of which are due Friday, August 26.

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