Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's Library Day!

Library Visit   We are heading over to the library today to select your first batch of Accelerated Reader books. You may pick out any book you want as long as it is within your ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) and an appropriate color level. Remember, you don't want a book that's too easy or too hard; rather, you want a book that "just right" for you. Most importantly, you want to find a book that's interesting and that you are passionate about reading. 

Enjoy your books! Take care of them. And make sure an A.R. book is always with you because there will be times when you'll have the opportunity to read, write about, and discuss your book in class.  Happy reading!

Homework  (1.) Complete your Character Traits in "Eleven" and  your Newsela 'Pokemon Go' article assignment, both of which must be completed by this Friday, September 2. (2.) Read your new A.R. book for at least 30 minutes tonight. 

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