Friday, August 19, 2016

Reflecting on Learning to Read and Introducing Context Clues

Writing Warm-Up: Reflecting on Learning to Read  To begin today, we will finish reading Thank You, Mr. Falker. The story is centered around Trisha's struggles to learn to read. What is your story of learning to read? What do you remember about your journey to becoming a reader? How do you feel about yourself as a reader now? Go to your Language Arts Google Classroom and locate the assignment Learning to Read Story and begin to share your experiences and feelings regarding reading. This assignment should be completed and 'turned in' by Friday, August 21.  

Introduction to Context Clues When you are reading and you come across a word you don't know, what do you do? The answer I hear from too many kids is "I skip it." Did you know that there is a vocabulary tool and reading strategy that can magically help you figure out the meanings of unknown words? Today we are going to learn how 'Context Clues' can help you unlock the meaning of words you thought you didn't know and help make you a much more empowered and successful reader.

So, what are 'Context Clues' exactly? Read the explanation below to find out.  

Next, let's watch below as Tim and Moby from BrainPop further introduce and explain how context clues work.

Now let's practice together. Work with the members of your team to figure out the words in bold below by by paying attention to the context clues in red.  

Finally, watch how context clues could have helped the young man in the video below.  

Homework  Continue working on your  Learning to Read Story, which should be completed and 'turned in' by Friday, August 26.  

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