Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Write an Argument Essay: The Body Paragraphs

 Today's Learning Objectives  Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. 

Write an Argument Essay: The Body Paragraphs  Now that you've introduced the issues involved and established your point of view (thesis) in the introduction paragraph, it's time to really make your case. In the first body paragraph, clearly present the strongest points that support your thesis, and provide additional evidence and details for each to strengthen your argument. Make sure you order your supporting points appropriately and use transition words (which you can still find here) to tie your ideas together.   

In your second body paragraph you want to make sure to acknowledge the opposing point of view, but then refute it.  Explain using evidence why this line of reasoning is wrong.  

Make sure you check the 'Body Paragraphs Checklist' before moving on.  

If you didn't start your Argument Essay yesterday, you can find the document My Argument Essay in your Language Arts Google Classroom.

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