Friday, April 22, 2016

Aloha Friday!

Flocabulary Vocabulary Quiz  Happy Friday! You've learned, practiced, and studied your vocabulary words this week. Now it's time to show me what you've learned! You can find your Vocabulary Quiz below. Good luck! 

Complete and Turn In Argument Essay  For several grueling weeks you have been hard at work learning to make an argument through the writing of a multi-paragraph argument essay. Now it's time to put the finishing touches on your Argument Essay and turn it in. 

Also, please don't forget that your Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Pick the Winner & Understanding What You Read and Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Fix the Mistake assignments are due today as well.

Explore Lakeview's Online Student Newspaper  For those of you who have completed and turned in your essay, take some time to peruse and enjoy Lakeview's very own online student newspaper. Your classmates have been hard at work putting out the latest edition. Take some time and check it out here.

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