Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Tequila Worm' and Smarter Balanced Testing Practice

How will Sofia feel about beginning her life away from her family at Saint Luke's?
Find out in today's reading of Tequila Worm

 Today's Learning Objective   Describe how a particular story’s plot unfolds in a series of episodes as well as how the characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution.  

Guided Reading: Tequila Worm  Today we read the chapter "Another Mundo" (pgs. 125-135) of Tequila Worm. As we read, we will stop periodically to discuss the text and, if time permits, work on the guiding questions from our 'The Tequila Worm' Reading Guide (Week 3). We will also continue to add to our Story Plot Chart ('Tequila Worm').

Smarter Balanced Online Testing Practice  Testing season is fast approaching. Tomorrow you will be taking the District Benchmark exam. In several weeks we begin the state and federally mandated Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments. To help prepare you, we will periodically engage in sessions of online testing practice.

Today we will begin one such practice session. Please visit the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress site's practice testing portal here. You should screen similar to the one below; make sure you're logging on as a 'GUEST' and click 'Sign In'. 

Next, click 'Select Grade' and choose '6' and click 'Yes'.

Finally, click on 'Start G6 ELA Practice Test,' and eventually you'll arrive on the beginning of the test. Let's examine the format of the test, practice a few together, and then I will let you go ahead independently. 

Homework  (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a Digital Reading Log entry using the 3rd Quarter Reading Log(2.) Continue working on your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge (Week 23) story, which we will publish on Friday, February 27.  (3.) Continue working on 'The Tequila Worm' Reading Guide (Week 3), which will be due on Friday, February 27

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