Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Paragraph Writing and Vocabulary Study

Analyzing Character Traits and Paragraph Writing  Take some time today to continue to work on writing your own paragraph in which you analyze the traits of one of the main characters from the short story "Eleven." The assignment Analyze Character Traits (Paragraph Writing) can still be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom. A list of handy transition words that you can use to help connect the ideas of your paragraph can still be found here. Your paragraph will be assessed using the rubric below. 

The assignment will count also towards your assessment grade and is due at the end of this week on Friday, September 9.   

Flocabulary Vocabulary  After watching this week's Flocabulary vocabulary video again, take some to study the words and their meanings and work on the activity Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Fix the Mistake, which can be found in your Language Arts Google ClassroomThis assignment will be due Friday, September 9.  

You also can can study the works using the Quizlet generated flashcards below. Remember there will also be a quiz on these words at the end of the week.

Homework  (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) Continue to work on Writer's Workout #1 and Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Fix the Mistake, both of which are due this Friday, September 9

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