Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Paragraph Writing and Flocabulary Vocabulary

Analyzing Character Traits and Paragraph Writing  Today we will examine the structure of a model paragraph and then write our own paragraphs analyzing the traits of one of the main characters from the short story "Eleven." The assignment Writer's Workout #1 can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom. A list of handy transition words that you can use to help connect the ideas of your paragraph can be found here. The assignment will count also towards your assessment grade and is due at the end of this week on Friday, September 9.   

Flocabulary Vocabulary  Today I'd like to introduce you to Flocabulary's vocabulary program. Periodically you will be presented with a new set of vocabulary words, as well as engaging videos, exercises, games and quizzes that make learning new words fun. This week's words are:

anguish / boisterous / capacity / commentary / continuous / cumulative / erupt / factor / inept / intimidate / marvel / maximum / painstaking / restrain / unanimous

After watching the video a couple of times, study the words and their meanings and work on the activity Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Fix the Mistake, which can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom. This assignment will also be due Friday, September 9. There will also be a quiz on these words at the end of the week.

Homework  Continue to work on Writer's Workout #1 and Vocabulary - Unit 1 (Bottom of the Ninth) - Fix the Mistake, both of which are due this Friday, September 9.

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