Monday, September 12, 2016

Celebrating Reading and Introducing the 100 Word Challenge

This week's 100 Word Challenge is inspired by Roald Dahl, the legendary author of such children's books as
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG

Welcome to Mr. McGinty's Reading Dream Team  It's early in the school year, but we already have students who are making great strides in their reading. Today I would like to celebrate several of students who have recently read books, passed the AR quiz, and are making progress towards their reading goals. Keep up the great work! 

Introducing the 100 Word Challenge  Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Are you ready to publish your writing and have it read by people all over the world? If so, the 100 Word Challenge is certainly for you. 

What's the 100 Word Challenge all about? According to 100 Word Challenge

"We ask children to write in school but often there is no apparent purpose that they can see other than pleasing their teacher! This can prompt some very reluctant writers in our classrooms. The 100 Word Challenge seeks to address this problem. It is a weekly creative writing challenge for children under 16 years of age. Each week a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words and the children can use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. This should be posted on a class blog and then linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog . . . One of the special things about 100WC is that those entering a piece are encouraged to visit other blogs and leave a constructive comment. Peer ‘talking’ to peer is very powerful and we have seen a real improvement in some writing that has come from suggestions from other children."

100 Word Challenge Student Samples  Recently students were tasked with incorporating the words Black, Flamingo, Extraordinary, Poked, and Underneath into a short creative narrative story limited to only 100 words. Below you can find a a few samples of what students from around the world came up with. 

Adriana, Year 5/6, Melbourne, Australia

Kate, Year 7, Christchurch, New Zealand

Taylor, Year 8, Wellington, New Zealand 

Elliot, Year 6, Wellington, New Zealand 

This Week's Challenge  This week's 100 Word Challenge is inspired by works of renowned children's author Roald Dahl. Dahl is the creative force behind some classic literary characters. A few are listed blow. Which is your favorite? 

Option #1: One idea for a story this week is to choose to become one of Dahl's characters and "tell the story of an adventure you go on. Don’t retell Mr. Dahl’s version, create your own!" What might become of Willy Wonka in your retelling? What about Matilda, Charlie, or James of James and the Giant Peach

Option #2: You are also given the option this week I've creating a story specifically inspired by the story The BFG and its focus on dreams. Your prompt: You can mix a dream for someone. Think about their character and what sort of dream you would like them to have. What happens when they wake up? A little background on The BFG is below. 

You may either choose Option #1 or Option #2 to write your story. The most important guideline, however, is that your story can only be 100 words long. 

Tomorrow and throughout the week we will discuss the elements of narrative writing in more detail. But today, if time permits, decide on your basic story and start writing. Before ultimately publishing our stories to our own class blog, we will start writing using a Google Doc. You can find the assignment 100 Word Challenge: Roald Dahl Inspired Story in your Language Arts Google Classroom. Let's start writing! 

Homework  (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) Continue working on your 100 Word Challenge: Roald Dahl Inspired Story, which is due this Friday, September 16. (3.) Continue to study for Flocabulary vocabulary quiz, which has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 15

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