Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Writing with Imagery

What is Imagery?  Words that appeal to readers' senses are referred to as imagery. Writers usually try to describe places, characters, and events in ways that help readers imagine how they look, feel, smell, sound, and taste. 

As writers we use imagery to help create mental pictures in the minds of our readers. We want to show our readers what is happening, as opposed to just telling them. 

How do we go about incorporating more imagery and sensory details into our writing? How do we show our readers what is happening as opposed to just tell? The video below gives you a few ideas. 


Descriptive Writing Resources  To be successful writers, students need tools and resources. Featured below are word lists that you can reference to help make your writing more descriptive and interesting. (A document with these words has also been placed in your Language Arts Google Classroom.) 

Writing: The 100 Word Challenge  We will now continue working on 'the 100 Word Challenge' stories we started earlier this week. But today our focus is on making our writing more descriptive and interesting. Look over your writing. Is there a way you could describe something that would better allow the reader to visualize what is taking place? Is there a more precise verb you could use? Are there sensory details that you could include, which might better appeal to your readers' five senses? 

We've also arrived at the point where some of you may need to consider revising and even cutting parts of your narrative. This week you only have a total of 104 words to tell your story. Word choice becomes very important. Use your words sparingly. Make sure the words you choose make an impact, are important and necessary to the story, and help your reader visualize what is happening. Additionally, avoid repetition. If you've written a similar idea once, there is no need to say it again. Be concise and precise!  

You can still find the assignment 100 Word Challenge: ... but under the earth ... in your Language Arts Google Classroom. Let's start writing! Please have a close to publishable final draft ready by Friday, September 25. That's the day we publish our stories 100 Word Challenge website.

Scholastic Book Order  Tired of the books in the school library? Looking to buy a book just for you? I will be distributing a Scholastic Book Order catalogue today. Look through it. If you see something to your liking, consider buying it. By buying books through Scholastic, not only do you find great book at great prices, but you have an opportunity to earn points for your class so we add more books to our classroom library. 

You may buy books in several ways. You may bring in your order form with cash or a check made our to Scholastic Reading Club. Or you can simply order books online at Once you get there make sure you enter our class code: FMRJ4

The deadline for ordering books for this order will be: Wednesday, September 30

Homework  (1.) Complete a final draft of the 100 Word Challenge: ... but under the earth ... by Friday, September 25. (2.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and, if you choose, make a reading log entry using the Digital Reading Log. (Remember you must have made at least two entries by the end of the week.) 

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