Friday, September 18, 2015

Identifying Theme and Sacred Reading Time

Assignment Turn-In Friday  Happy Friday and congratulations on conquering another week of middle school! Since today is Friday, several assignments are due and must be 'turned in.' Due today are the following: Text Marking: “On Turning 10”, Identifying Fragments - Practice, and Identifying Theme. If you completed these assignments, make sure you turn them in now in order to receive full credit. 

Identifying Theme in "Nadia the Willful"  Today will be continue analyzing the short story "Nadia the Willful" together, especially paying special attention to the characters and their actions, speech, thoughts, and how they change, as clues to identifying the story's theme. You can still find the assignment Nadia the Willful - Characters and Theme in your Language Arts Google Classroom. (This assignment will be due next Friday, September 25.)

Sacred Reading Time  For too many of us independent reading time has become a chore that we either dismiss or do reluctantly. I want you to start considering your reading time sacred and special, and something to look forward to. Today I offer you 30 minutes of uninterrupted class time to simply read and commune with your books. Some of you will invited to read outside, others in a cozy corner of the room, while most of you will hopefully become enraptured by the words on your pages right at your desks. Enjoy this time! 

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