Friday, September 25, 2015

Publishing Friday

Publishing Our Writing  Happy Friday! Today is a very special day because today you have the opportunity to become a published writer! We will be putting the finishing touches on our 100 Word Challenge stories and then publishing our stories to the 100 Word Challenge/Night Zookeeper website. 

To get started, open your 100 Word Challenge: ... but under the earth ... story from your Language Arts Google Classroom. Copy your story from the text box. You may then 'turn in' the rough draft of your story, as you will not longer be using this document. 

Now head on over to the 100 Word Challenge/Night Zookeeper website and login (or, if this your first time, register and remind me to give you our class code). Next, click on the '100' icon. Then, click on the yellow "write" button where it asks if you accept this week's challenge. 

Give your story a fitting title and the paste your story into the story space below. Notice that the site provides you with some tips on spelling, punctuation, and word choice. Revise your story and improve your story and make sure it is ready for publishing. When you are satisfied with the quality of your story, click 'save.' Let me know that you are ready to publish and I will open it up for others to read. You will then hopefully begin to receive feedback from readers from around the world. 

Once you have finished your story and saved it on the website, you are welcome comment on other stories. Your comments, however, should be respectful, specific, and helpful. If you liked something about someone's writing, explain what specific aspect of their writing you appreciated. For example: I loved your use of descriptive details! If you have a tip about how a student could improve their writing, make sure to share in a way that is helpful and not hurtful. For example: I really liked your story, but I thought you could have used a few more sensory details.

Sacred Reading Time  Today, if time permits, I offer you uninterrupted class time to simply read and commune with your books. Some of you will invited to read outside, others in a cozy corner of the room, while most of you will hopefully become enraptured by the words on your pages right at your desks. Enjoy this time! 

Get your read on like Samantha! 
Scholastic Book Orders Due Wednesday  Don't forget that if you wan to be included as part of our first Scholastic Book Order you must have your order turned in by Wednesday, September 30You may bring in your order form with cash or a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club. Or you can simply order books online at Once you get there make sure you enter our class code: FMRJ4 

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