Friday, September 4, 2015

Aloha Friday!

Friday Assignment Turn-In  Aloha Friday! Congratulations on almost completing another week of 6th grade and almost beginning your three day weekend!. Let's start today by turning in all of your Language Arts assignments from the week. If you haven't already, please make sure you have completed and 'turned in' the following assignments: Writer's Workout #1: Analyze Character Traits, Character Traits in "Eleven", and Comparing Texts - 'Eleven' / 'Who's the New Kid?'. If these assignments have not been completed, please make sure you do so ASAP. Your grade in this class depends on it. 

The District Benchmark Pre-Assessment  Today if need bee you continue taking the online District Benchmark Pre-Assessment. Remember to go to Click on Students, then scroll down to Illuminate Home Portal. Login, click on the link for Gr 6 ELA Pre Assessment, and begin. 
You may 'Pause' the test at anytime by clicking the 'pause' button if you need to stop the test and then resume it later. When you are ready to finish the test once and for all, click Review/Finish and review your responses one final time before submitting your exam to be scored. 

Independent Literacy Time  If you have completed and 'turned in' each of the assignments above, you may use this time to do any of the following: take an Accelerated Reader quiz, make a Digital Reading Log entry, read a Newsela article, or read from your A.R. book.

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