Monday, December 15, 2014

The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania'

 Today's Learning Objective  Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and punctuation when writing.

The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania'  I know many of you are maniacs for Minecraft. If so, you will certainly enjoy reading the today's article "Minecraft Mania," the "fascinating story behind the world's favorite video game." There's one big problem with the article, however -- it's riddled with grammatical, usage, and punctuation problems. It's your job today to help fix them. We will read the article first, and then zero in on fixing issues related to punctuating quotationsvarying sentence length, and possessive nouns. You can find the assignment The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania' in your Language Arts folders. You can also find mini-lessons related to each of the article's problem areas below.

Showcase Poet: Melissa  I started reading your "I Am From" poems over the weekend and have been so impressed so far with the quality and poignancy of your writing. It's clear that each of you wrote a piece that means something to you and it shows. With the permission of the poets, I would like to a highlight one student's poem here on the Blog each day this week. Today I have selected Melissa's "I Am From" poem from Period 2. 

Homework (1.) You are not required to keep a reading log this week, which frees you up to JUST READ! You have until Friday to reach your A.R. goal for the quarter. (2.) Continue working on the The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania assignment, which is due on Friday, December 19.