Thursday, December 18, 2014

Odds & Ends

Assessment: 'Punctuating Quotations and Possessive Nouns' Quiz  Congratulations on almost reaching the finish line of Quarter 2. Now you just need to finish strong! This week we learned about how to punctuate quotations and how to use apostrophes when working with possessive nouns. Now it's time to show what you've learned by taking the quiz here. If you finish early, you may silent read or take A.R quizzes until the rest of your classmates are also finished.

Cabrillo Advancement Scholarship Essay  Last week, Erika from the Cabrillo Advancement Scholarship Program (CAP) came to visit our class to discuss an amazing opportunity for one of you earn a scholarship to attend Cabrillo College after high school. In addition to filling out a short application, you are also required to write a short essay. I understand that not all of you will be applying for the scholarship. Nevertheless, I am requiring ALL of you to write the essay. I think it's a great opportunity for each of you to start thinking about your futures and it will give you something academic to do over the course of your three week Winter Break. Let's discuss and examine the directions and prompt of the essay below.

You will have some time in class today to begin work on your essay. You should continue working on it over Winter Break and have it close to complete when we return to school on Monday, January 12. You can find the document Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP) Scholarship Essay in your Language Arts folders.     

Showcase Poet: Erika  Our Showcase Poem today comes from Erika from Period 3 who wrote a beautiful poem about the people, places and simple things that make her who she is.

Homework  (1.) READ! READ! READ! Tomorrow is your last day to have points from A.R. quizzes applied to this quarter's reading goal. (2.) Complete The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania assignment, which is due tomorrow, Friday, December 19(3.) Begin work on 
Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP) Scholarship Essay, which should be close to completed when we return from break on Monday, January 12