Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Punctuating Quotations and Polishing Your Possessives

Do you know how and when to use commas and apostrophes? 

 Today's Learning Objective  Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and punctuation when writing.

The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania'  Today we will continue learning from the grammar, usage, and punctuation mistakes featured in the article we read yesterday "Minecraft Mania." Our focus today will be on punctuating quotations and using apostrophes with possessive nouns. You can still find the assignment The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania' in your Language Arts folders. Tomorrow we will work on varying the length and structure of our sentences.  

Punctuating Quotations  Yesterday we started to learn about how to punctuate quotations. Now watch the video tutorials below and then make any needed changes to your 'Lazy Editor' assignment.     

Polishing Your Possessives with Apostrophes  Yesterday we learned that possessive form of a noun shows ownership. We also learned that adding an apostrophe to a singular, plural, or collective noun can help form possessives. Watch the video below and then work on the 'Polishing Your Possessives' section of the The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania' assignment. 

Showcase Poet: Levi  Today's Showcase Poet is another student from Period 2 -- Levi. Please check out Levi's heartfelt and very American poem

Homework (1.) You are not required to keep a reading log this week, which frees you up to JUST READ! You have until Friday to reach your A.R. goal for the quarter. (2.) Continue working on the The Lazy Editor: 'Minecraft Mania assignment, which is due on Friday, December 19.