Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Last Chance for A.R. Points and Grade Improvement  Congratulations, my dear students, on nearly making it to the end of another quarter! Your winter vacation awaits. But before you break out the egg nog and begin your celebration, there is the important matter of your final grade. If there is anything you can do in these final moments to improve your grades, I would recommend doing so. Do you need to take one last A.R. quiz to improve your point total? Do you need to notify a teacher through School Loop of an assignment you modified or completed? Take care of your business, and then the fun begins.

Teacher Choice Activity  Depending on my mood, your behavior, and the time of the day, I would like to offer you a fun activity of my choosing. It could be a movie, a class game, social time with your classmates, or perhaps a performance extravaganza in the MPR. Let's wait and see what the day has in store. Congratulations again for all your hard work this quarter! You deserve some fun!  

Homework During Winter Break  I can hear the groans already. Just know that I have your best interests at heart. Three weeks is a long time away from the classroom, and I wouldn't what your precious brains turning to mush. (1.) Whether you are applying for the scholarship or not, work on the Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP) Scholarship Essay, which should be close to completed when we return from break on Monday, January 12(2.) I checked the calendar and counted 23 days that you are out of the classroom. I would like you to read at least 10 of those days for at least 30 minutes per session. Please record your reading on your Digital Reading Log which will I check for a grade upon your return. Imagine reading and finishing books over the break, returning to take A.R. quizzes on the first day back, and having A.R. points for 3rd quarter already in the bank. Read!  

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