Thursday, October 23, 2014

The District Benchmark Test

The District Benchmark Test  Today we are taking the District Benchmark Test, which is what we call a 'formative assessment' intended to monitor student learning. The test will hep you identify your strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work. The test will also help me recognize where students are struggling so I can better know what I need to address.  

Please try your best on today's test. It's important and provides both you and I with valuable information. We will try to finish the test today in one sitting. However, if you don't finish in one class period there is an option to 'pause' the test when you logout, and I will prove you with time to finish later. 

Step 1: Go to Click on Students, then scroll down to Illuminate Home Portal

Step 2: Select the Student tab on the Illuminate Connection screen. 

Step 3: Login using your student ID# as your Username and your birthdate as your Password. (For example a birthdate of January 7, 2000 is entered as Ja072000)

Step 4: Select Assessments from the list located under "What You Would Like to See". 

Step 5: Click on the link under "Pending Online Assessment" to begin work.

Final Note: Please be aware that there may be a difference on the test between multiple choice items (only one correct response) and selected response items (one or more than one correct response). Be on the lookout for key words in questions such as "select all that apply".

If you finish the exam early, you may take out an A.R. book and read. Good luck!  

Homework (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a digital Reading Log entry.  (2.) Complete the Nadia the Willful - Characters and Theme and Nadia the Willful - Understanding Theme assignments. Both are due: tomorrow, Friday, October October 24.  (3.) Your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge story needs to be completed by tomorrow, Friday, October October 24 because tomorrow is publishing day!