Friday, October 10, 2014

Reading 'The Circuit' and Publishing Our Writing

Guided Reading: The Circuit  Today we will finish reading from The Circuit by Francisco Jiménez. You can find the reading selection on pages 264-271 of your Language of Literature textbook. We will also continue to analyze literary devices using the document The Circuit - Literary Devices and visualize descriptive writing using the document The Circuit - Visualizing. These assignments will be due next Thursday, October 16

Publishing to Kidblog  Today we publish our first 100 Word Challenge creative writing pieces to our blogs. Review your 100 Word Challenge: Suddenly I Was Able to See Again story one last time. Double-check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Next, copy the text from assignment's text box and then head over to Kidblog and login. Locate your blog and click on "New Post". Now give your entry the title "100 WC: Suddenly I Was Able to See Again." Next, paste your story into the text box below and then click "Publish". 

Finally, if you're feeling brave enough and are willing to share your story worldwide and receive feedback from readers all over the world, consider submitting your story directly to 100 Word Challenge using the link here. Let me help you if you're unsure about how to do it. I'm excited to see what sort of response you all get. And I'm so proud of you for participating in this challenge, sharing your writing, and to making a commitment to becoming even more amazing writers!      

Videos of the Day  This week's 100 Word Challenge was inspired by the good work of Sightsavers which is working to restore the sight of people from developing countries. Below, meet Winesi before his life-changing surgery and then watch as the bandages come off and he is able to say, "Suddenly I am able to see again." 


Homework  Make sure you read for 30 minutes at least once over the weekend and make an entry on your Digital Reading LogI will be grading this week's Reading Log on Monday, October 13