Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding Text Evidence and Visiting the Library

 Today's Learning Focus  
 Using text evidence to support central ideas

Finding Text Evidence: "Call of Duty"  Today you will be tasked with finding text evidence that supports key ideas from "Call of Duty." The assignment Find the Key Evidence - "Call of Duty" can be found in your Language Arts folders. The reading selection "Call of Duty" can be found here. This assignment will be due next Friday, October 10.    

Video of the Day  Since we're on the topic of soldiers and their dogs, check out this heartwarming video about dogs welcoming soldiers home from war. 

Library Visit  Today we head to the library. Make sure you bring your books to either return or renew and your student ID card if you want to check out books. You may look for new books, read quietly, or take AR tests. Please take advantage of this opportunity and use your library time well.  

Homework  Your most important homework assignment tonight is to come to Back to School Night with your families. Since I want you to make coming to BTSN a priority, you are not required to read tonight. Additionally, assignments that would have been due tomorrow, Friday, will now be due on on Monday, October 6.   

However, we will be having a "Call of Duty" quiz tomorrow. You may want to review the reading selection and your related assignments so that you are prepared.