Friday, October 14, 2016

Understanding Theme and Avoiding Run-On Sentences

What lesson does Tarik learn in "Nadia the Willful"? Could this be a clue to the theme of the story?

Identifying and Understanding Theme in "Nadia the Willful"  Today we will closely examine two suggested themes of the short story "Nadia the Willful," which can essentially be considered two different claims. We will select the the claim that best fits our understanding of the story's theme and provide evidence from the story to support our ideas. You can find the assignment Nadia the Willful - Understanding Theme in your Language Arts Google Classroom. This assignment will be due next Friday, October 21

Grammar Lesson: Avoiding Run-On Sentences  Let's learn more about what a run-on sentence is and how can you put a stop to them by watching our friends Tim and Moby from BrainPop. (Remember you can access BrainPop through the Apps section of your Google Drive.)  

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