Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Repairing Run-Ons and Flocabulary Vocabulary

Grammar: Introducing Conjunctions and Repairing Run-On Sentences  We have also been focused on identifying dreaded run-on sentences and practicing ways to repair them. One way to do that is to use conjunctions. Allow your friends from Flocabulary to explain the power of conjunctions.

Now let's practice the three different strategies we've learned to fix run-on sentences: with a
period, semicolon, comma plus coordinating conjunction. You can find the Run-On Sentence Assignment in your Language Arts Google Classroom

Flocabulary Vocabulary  Welcome to Unit 4 of Flocabulary's vocabulary program, which features the 'Ballad of Ron and John.' With Ron and John's battle as the backdrop, we have a new set of words to interact with, learn, and hopefully begin to incorporate into our own vocabulary. This week's words are: 

campaign / collide / consequence / drastic / elaborate / inevitable / loathe / predicament / provoke / retaliate / sanctuary / siege / subsequent / treacherous / vow

After watching and interacting with the video and song a couple of times, study the words and their meanings and work on the activity Vocabulary - Unit 4 (The Ballad of Ron and John) - Fix the Mistake, which can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom

Homework  (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) 
Continue working on your  "My Hero" Poem, which will publish on Friday, October 28. 
(3.) Continue working on your Run-On Sentence Assignment, which will be due on Friday, October 28(4.) Continue working on your Vocabulary - Unit 4 (The Ballad of Ron and John) - Fix the Mistake assignment, which will be due on Friday, October 28.

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