Thursday, October 6, 2016

Flocabulary Vocabulary and Academic Business Time

Appropriate Behavior with the Substitute  I'm sorry I couldn't be with you today. I fully expect you to be on your very best behavior with your substitute today. Please stay in your seats, stay focused on the work outlined here on the Blog, and, most importantly, treat your substitute with decency and respect. Remember, I can monitor your computer use from home and expect to see that you focused on your assignments and not goofing around.If you don't have a working Chromebook today, partner up with someone at your table and work with them. I expect to receive a positive report form the substitute upon my return. Students that choose to not to be their best selves today may receive serious consequences upon my return. Have a great day!

Flocabulary Vocabulary with Digital Flashcards  Today we are going to continue to work with this week's Flocabulary vocabulary words:

allegiance / chronological / context / diligent / generate / majority / meager / negotiate / obstacle / possess / poverty / prejudice / prosecute / remote / transform

First, work on the activity Vocabulary - Unit 3 (Mandela is Free) - Fix the Mistake, which can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom

Next, to help you remember the meanings of these words I've created a set of digital flashcards using Quizlet that you can find here, as well as below. Please spend some time making sure you understand your words and make sure to study for Monday's quiz. 

Academic Business Time  On Monday several important assignments are due, including Vocabulary - Unit 3 (Mandela is Free) - Fix the Mistake and Text Marking: “On Turning 10”. If need be, you may use the remainder of class time to work on completing your assignments. Otherwise, you may use this time to silent read, take AR quizzes, read Newsela articles of your choice, or practice your typing.   

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