Friday, March 11, 2016

Identifying Theme and Newsela Article

Identifying Theme in Tequila Worm  Remember that the theme is the meaning or moral of a story. It is a message about life or human nature that the writer shares with the reader. Most themes are unstated. You must figure them out by paying attention to what happens in a story. You can gather clues to the theme of a piece of literature by looking at the characters, the plot, the setting, and the story title.

What is Theme?

Now let's consider what the theme might be for Tequila Worm. After thinking about the character of Sofia, her relationships with other characters, the plot and various conflicts Sofia overcomes, the title of the book, and other evidence from the text, what do you think an appropriate theme for Tequila Worm might be? Discuss with your teammates.

Finally, after discussing the theme of the text with the class, select your favorite theme statement and add it to your Story Plot Chart ('Tequila Worm') document. 

Newsela Article: 'School Soccer and Concussion Risk' Next week we are going to begin exploring both sides of the argument about whether young people should play football or not due to the risk of concussions. Today we will read a Newsela article about the risk of concussions from playing soccer. I will read the article aloud to you, preview the quiz questions an writing prompt, and then provide you time to engage with the text independently. The article can be found in your Newsela Binder; additionally a link to the article can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom. Please select a reading level of 880L (5th Grade Level).


Now that you've read the article, let's preview the quiz questions. The first question requires you to identify a central or main idea of the article and then match statements from the article that relate to that idea.

The second question is also related to knowing the the article's central idea, but this time imagine you were writing a summary of the article. Which detail would not be included because it's not closely enough related to the central idea?

The third question relates to text structure. You're asked to think about the purpose of one of the article's sections and how it develops the ideas of the articles. Notice the word "except." How does term change the question?

The last question also relates to text structure. You are asked to think about how one of the article's sections is organized. What is the difference between text that is organized using prediction, problem and solution, summary, or compare and contrast.

Finally, you are tasked with writing a paragraph in which you must identify the central idea of the article in the form of a topic sentence, and then support that idea with details and evidence from the article.

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