Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy (Almost) Spring Break!

Sorry I couldn't be with you today. I'm know each of you will be on your very best behavior today. Respect your substitute and make me, your parents, and yourselves proud. Oh, and enjoy your Spring Break! You deserve it.

Reading Informational Texts: Newsela Articles on Concussions In your Language Arts Google Classroom you will find links to two different Newsela articles about young people and concussions.  For the article "Concussions can be very dangerous for high school football players," set the reading level to to 840L (5th grade). For the article "Head injuries should be taken seriously when student athletes get hurt," set the reading level to 740L (4th Grade). Read both articles carefully, take the quizzes, and write the constructed response paragraphs in which you explain the central idea of the article and use at least two details from the article to support your response.

Homework  Are you up for the Spring Break challenge? I challenge each of you to read at least one book over your Spring Break vacation and be prepared to take its AR test upon your return! Read! Read! Read!

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