Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quizzing and Writing

Assessment: "The Quinceañera Text" Quiz  Today you have the opportunity to demonstrate what you learned after reading "The Quinceañera Text" by taking an online quiz, which can be found here. You are encouraged to refer back to the texts of the related article and essay at any point during the quiz (a link is here). I will read each question and answer set aloud to you and then provide you with the time you need to complete your assessment. After you have submitted your quiz, you may move on to the activity featured below. 

Writing Time: 100 Word Challenge  If time permits today, you may work on your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge story. As you begin to craft your story, make sure to consider the following questions: Does your story flow naturally from beginning to end? Do you use descriptive words and sensory details? Do you skillfully incorporate dialogue? Do you carefully review your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar? Do you make sure your verb tenses are consistent and that you have employed correct and varied sentence structures? Please make sure your piece of writing is good as it can be.

Homework  (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and, if you choose, make a reading log entry using the Digital Reading Log. (Remember you must have made at least one entry by the end of the day Friday.)  (2.) Continue working on the assignments Literary Elements and Devices ("The Quinceañera Text"), Dynamic Character ("The Quinceañera Text"), and 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge, all of which will be due Friday, February 5.

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