Friday, February 5, 2016

100 Word Challenge Publishing and 'Tequila Worm' Reading

Video of the Day  In today's video “The Power of Yet,” Katie realizes she can learn new things, too, and that she can ask others for help! After watching the short video be prepared to discuss what should you do if you are stuck on a project, math problem, or other learning. Think of a time you were afraid to ask for help. Why did you feel afraid? How can you improve the phrase "I can't do this?” What could you say instead?

100 Word Challenge: Publishing Happy Friday! It's just about time to publish this week's 100 Word Challenge. Please look over your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge story carefully. Does your story flow naturally from beginning to end? Did you use descriptive words and sensory details? Did you carefully review your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar? Did you make sure your verb tenses are consistent and that you have employed correct and varied sentence structures? Please make sure your piece of writing is good as it can be.

Next, it's publishing time! Copy your story from your Google Doc and then login to Kidblog. Make a new post. Give your story an appropriate title. Paste your story. Consider adding a picture. Finally, click 'Publish' and copy the link to your published story.

Now it's time to share your story with the 100 Word Challenge. In order to login, I will provide you a working Username and Password. Next, fill out the form similar to the one below, making sure to include the link to your Kidblog story. Click 'Submit' when you're done. Congratulations! You are now an internationally published writer!

Guided Reading: The Tequila Worm  Today we will read the first two chapters of Tequila Worm together: "The Storyteller's Bag" and "The Candy Bite." As we read, we will stop periodically to discuss the text and to provide you and your teammates time to work on the guiding questions within your 'The Tequila Worm' Reading Guide (Week 1).

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