Thursday, September 25, 2014

Identifying Nonfiction Elements in "Unbroken"

Grammar Practice: Sentences and Fragments (No Red Ink)  Today we will continue practicing identifying complete sentences and avoiding fragments using an on online
program called No Red Ink. Once you get to the site, click on STUDENT in the center of the screen. Next, click sign up with Google+ and the click your account and your in. You will then be asked for your class code, which are as follows: Period 2 - h7f97aa8, Period 3 - 3xeawa4c, and Period 5 - xh8vcm3x. After you are linked to your class, you will be given the option of personalizing your No Red Ink experience by asking a series of questions about your likes and interests. Finally, you're ready to start today's assignment. Locate "Sentences and Fragments" and click begin assignment. You have until Friday, October 3, to finish this assignment.   

Identifying Nonfiction Elements in "Unbroken" Today we are going to continue discussing and analyzing our narrative nonfiction story "Unbroken." We are going to specifically focus on some of the elements of nonfiction present in the selection, including author's word choice, cause and effect, central idea and evidence, and objective summary. You can still find the document 'Identifying Nonfiction Elements - Unbroken' in your Language Arts folders, as well as a link here. You can also find a link to the reading selection itself here.  

Homework  (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a digital Reading Log entry. (2.) Tomorrow is Friday! We have a couple assignments from the week that need to be completed and "turned in" tomorrow Friday, September 26, including: Close Reading  Questions - "Unbroken" and Identifying Nonfiction Elements - "Unbroken".