Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fixing Fragments and Marking Poems

Grammar Warm Up: Identifying and Fixing Fragments  Let's continue practicing identifying and working with fragments. Visit the Online Writing Lab today and identify whether the clause is a fragment or complete sentence in Exercise 1. After completing the 10 questions, click "show my score" and find our how you did. Next, try Exercise 2. This time you will be provided with fragment and you need to identify the choice that corrects the fragment so it is now a complete sentence. Once again, click "show my score" to get your results. Tomorrow, we will be having a 'Fragments Quiz' in which you will similarly need to be able to both identify fragments and correct them. If you would like to learn more about fragments and study for your quiz, try the links here and here.

Poetry Marking: "On Turning 10"  In this activity, you will explore how the speaker of the poem “On Turning 10” feels about growing up by marking the text and answering questions. You can find the activity in your Language Arts folders and a link to it is here

Homework  (1.)  Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a digital Reading Log entry. (2.) We are going to the library tomorrow! Bring your books if you would like to exchange them for new ones. (3.) Study for your 'Fragments' quiz. (4.) Complete the 'Poetry Marking' activity. Due: Friday, September 12.