Monday, May 5, 2014

To Unplug or Not Unplug? (That is the question!)

Writing Warm-Up  What do you see as both the benefits and the problems with the use of technology and electronic media? How do computers, smart phones, Chromebooks, and services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat help us? Additionally, what issues can arise from their use or overuse? Explain your initial thinking here.  

Argument Writing: Examining the Prompt and Supporting Texts  It's time for the District Writing Assessment! We will be writing Argument Essays in which we take a position on the use of electronic media. Today we will examine the prompt and begin to analyze a series of supporting source texts, which will guide us in thinking about the issues involved, help us take a clear position in the debate, and provide us with evidence to support our thinking. 

Task 1: Examine the prompt. I will provide you with a paper copy of the District Writing Assessment for Argument Writing packet. We will read the prompt together, review key vocabulary, and make sure we have a clear understanding of what we are being asked to do.  

Task 2: Read and examine Source # 1 together. As we read and re-read the text together as a class, we need to think about which side of the debate the evidence supports. You will take supporting evidence notes using the document here.  

Task 3: Read and examine Source # 2 in small groups. Read Source # 2 together in small groups. Look for evidence that supports both sides of the debate and include it on your evidence notetaking guide.  

Task 4: Read and examine Source # 3 independently. Read Source # 3 on your own. As you read, continue to look for evidence that support the two positions at stake in this debate. Write your evidence using the same evidence document.  

Tomorrow you will be tasked with reexamining the prompt, the source documents, and your gathered evidence, and determining exactly where you stand on this issue. Once you take a position, you will begin to organize your thinking, and start the process of writing your Argument essay.