Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Applying a Central Idea and Library Visit

Applying a Central Idea  In your Language Arts folder, you will find the assignment from yesterday entitled 'Applying a Central Idea.' We will continue to use this document to analyze President Obama's speech given in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing and apply our understanding of its central idea to the story of Sydney Corcoran in the narrative nonfiction article "I Survived the Boston Bombing." Finally, we will write a paragraph relating the ideas of the two texts. Deadline: the 'Applying a Central Idea' assignment is due Friday, May 16.   

Library Visit  Today will be our last visit to the library to checkout new books. All textbooks, A.R. books, and Chromebooks must be returned to the library next Friday. So make sure you pick out books to read today that you think you can finish within the next week. Many of you have yet to earn a single A.R. point this quarter. Time is running out! Let's get serious about reading! If you are not checking out books today, you may use your library time to either silent read or complete digital assignments on your Chromebook. 

Homework  (1.) Complete the 'Applying a Central Idea' assignment. (2.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home. Make sure to record your reading on one of the digital reading logs available. Our weekly Google Form reading log is here and the Google Spreadsheet reading log can be found here.