Monday, May 19, 2014

Launching Our Digital Portfolios

How to Share Your Google Site  Good morning! I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. We are coming down the home stretch of the school year and it's crunch time with regards to several important projects and assignments; the most important being your Digital Portfolio. The website must be completed by tomorrow. Today I will show you how to make your Google Site go live so it can be viewed by others. I will also show you how to make sure images and assignments imbedded within your site are viewable as well. Let's watch the video below to learn how to share our page and its components.  

Digital Portfolio Working Time  This is absolutely your last opportunity in class to put the finishing touches on your Digital Portfolio. Have you included an assignment for each category and reflected on it? Is the layout and design of your site visually pleasing? Have you included an introduction, biography, and an image? Have you made sure that your site and assignments are able to viewed by others? Get to work and let me know if you need help. Tomorrow you will have an opportunity to showcase your Digital Portfolio for your classmates.  

Homework  (1.) Finish your Digital Portfolio. Deadline: Due tomorrow, May 20(2.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home. Make sure to record your reading on one of the digital reading logs available. Our weekly Google Form reading log is here and the Google Spreadsheet reading log can be found here.