Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Write an Argument Essay: Reviewing the First Steps

Warm Up  Still trying to wrap your head around what an argument essay is and how to write one?  Watch the video below.

Write an Argument Essay: Reviewing the First Steps  Due to network issues yesterday, may of us did not have quality time to start fully developing our point of view for our argument essay.  If you haven't yet made a copy of the assignment,  you can find it here.  Today make sure you follow the steps, which we will review in class.  Step 1: Decide what you think.  Step 2: Find your support.  Step 3: Acknowledge the other side.  Step 4: Craft your thesis.  Make sure you have steps 1-4 completed before the start of class on Thursday.  

Homework  (1.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home.  Make sure to record your reading on one of the digital reading logs available.  Our weekly Google Form reading log is here and the Google Spreadsheet reading log can be found here.  (2.)  'Write an Argument Essay' Assignment (Steps 1-4).