Monday, March 17, 2014

Introduction to Theme

Warm Up  Today will be begin learning about how to avoid run-on sentences and practicing how to use commas with a group of conjunctions known affectionately as "FANBOYS."  If you need a refresher on proper comma use, you can go here.  When you are ready, head on over to No Red Ink, log in, and begin the assignment entitled "Commas with FANBOYS." There are only 10 questions.  If you get a question wrong, please fix your mistakes in order to receive full credit.  What is not finished in class becomes homework.  Note that we will be having an exam on this content later in the week.  

Introduction to Theme  Get familiar with what the "theme of a story" is and how to identify it by watching the short video below.  Next, for practice analyze a favorite movie or novel and then try to determine its theme.  You can find the assignment "Identifying Theme" here. Make a copy and then get to work.  

Homework  (1.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home.  Make sure to record your reading on one of the digital reading logs available.  Our weekly Google Form reading log is here and the Google Spreadsheet reading log can be found here.  (2.) Complete your No Red Ink "Commas with FANBOYS" assignment.  (3.) Complete your "Identifying Theme" assignment.  (Make sure it is turned in to your name folder with your Language Arts folder.)