Friday, March 7, 2014

All Summer in a Day - Evaluating and Understanding Theme

Warm Up  Let's practice capitalization and punctuation.  Visit Grammar Blast and see how many points you can earn.  If you would rather take an AR test, you may do so here.  

All Summer in a Day - Evaluating  Get into small groups today and discuss how you evaluated some of the elements of "All Summer in a Day."  Remember that when you evaluate a story you make a judgment (form an opinion) about it and you support your evaluations with facts, examples, and details from the story.  Make sure each person in the group gets to share their evaluations and that you use academic language in your interactions with each other.  You can find the assignment here.  

All Summer in a Day - Theme  A theme is the meaning or moral of a story. Themes are usually unstated. To discover a theme you must make inferences based on the characters and the plot. Begin to learn about theme by examining some of the clues to the theme of "All Summer in a Day." With the members of your group, discuss and fill out the Google Doc here.

Homework (1.) If you haven't already, try to get all of your work related to "All Summer in a Day" completed and turned into your name folder within Language Arts folder on your Google Drive ASAP. Deadline: Before the start of class on Tuesday. (2.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home.  Make sure to record your reading on the online reading and reflection log (using Google Forms) here.  Deadline: Make sure all entries for the week have beens submitted before the start of class on Monday.