Monday, November 28, 2016

Sacred Reading, AR Test Taking, and a 100 Word Challenge

Sacred Reading and AR Test Taking  Welcome back form Thanksgiving break! I hope that you not only enjoyed time with your family and good food, but also that you took time to read a good book or two. If you would like to take AR quizzes, you may do so now. Otherwise, I offer you this time to simply read and commune with your books. Some of you will invited to read in a cozy corner of the room, while most of you will hopefully become enraptured by the words on your pages right at your desks. Enjoy this time! 

This Week's 100 Word Challenge: Five Words  This week's challenge is an interesting one. It doesn't involve a picture or a designated phrase, but it's rather made up of a random assortment of five words (wideorangecrocodilewithin, and collapsed). Read more about the challenge below. 

You can find the assignment 100 Word Challenge: Five Words in your Language Arts Google ClassroomHow will you strategically weave these 5 words throughout your story, while still constructing a logical narrative? What will these specially chosen words add to your story? Remember the words can be used in whatever order you see fit. Also, remember as you write to continue developing your imagery by using precise words and sensory details. We publish on Friday, December 2. Be creative and have fun!    

Homework  (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) 
Continue working on the assignment 100 Word Challenge: Five Words, which will be due on Friday, December 2.

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