Monday, November 14, 2016

Introducing the Novel 'Any Small Goodness'

Warm Up: 'The Circuit' Quiz  Today you will take a short quiz to demonstrate some of what you learned from the story "The Circuit". You can find the quiz here. If you complete the quiz early, you may silent read or take A.R. quizzes until the rest of your classmates are finished.

Introducing and Previewing Any Small Goodness  Today we are going to begin reading as a class the novel Any Small Goodness by Tony Johnston. The novel features a boy, Arturo, who moves to Los Angeles from Mexico with his family, and describes how Arturo and his family adjust to their new neighborhood. Although life in the new neighborhood presents challenges, Arturo learns about acts of “small goodness” that come to define his experience.

Before we read the novel, however, let's watch a short video about life in East Los Angeles, which serves as the setting of Any Small Goodness. What's the message of this video? How will this portrayal of Los Angeles compare to the one that we are about to explore in the novel? 

Our focus as we read is going to be to continue to analyze how the development of characters can help to reveal a story's theme. As we read, pay close attention to Arturo as well as the other characters that make up his East Los Angeles universe, and take note of what their words, actions, and feelings. What lessons do they learn from each other? These may all ultimately be clues to the story's themes. 

Lets begin today by previewing the novel Any Small Goodness by using the document Any Small Goodness - Prepare to Read and Character Map, which is located your Social Studies Google Classroom. After previewing the novel, also note how you will use this document to track the characters that Arturo interacts with throughout the novel and the important lessons he learns from them. This document will be used throughout our reading of the novel and is not to be 'turned in' until the end of this unit. 

Guided Reading of Any Small Goodness: "American Names"  Today we will begin by reading the first chapter of Any Small Goodness, "American Names," together. As we read we will stop periodically to discuss and analyze the text. You will also be using the document Any Small Goodness - American Names (Ch.1) to reflect on and respond to this chapter. 

Homework  (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) Complete the assignment Any Small Goodness - American Names (Ch.1), which is due on Friday, November 18

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