Monday, December 14, 2015

Personifcation in Poetry and Newsela

 Today's Learning Objectives   To understand and appreciate poetry and identify and understand personification. 

Personification in Poetry  We are going to continue our exploration of poetry today by examining the use of personification in two different poems. For a reminder on what personification is and why poets use it, check out the infographic below. 

As you read today's poems, be on the lookout for personification, as the poets work to give human qualities to things that are decidedly non-human. Record your analysis of personification using the document Personification in Poetry, which can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom

City Jungle by Pie Corbett from digital:works on Vimeo.

Newsela Article: "Syrian poet bears witness to years of vicious civil war Let's continue to explore poetry, while also examining a powerful Newsela article. Today's article is about Syrians who are using poetry to express their feelings about the brutal civil war there. You can find a link to the article within your Language Arts Google Classroom

Homework  (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and, if you choose, make a reading log entry using the Digital Reading Log. (Remember you must have made at least two entries by the end of the day Friday.)  (2.) Continue working on the Newsela Article and Personification in Poetry, both of which are due tomorrow, Friday, December 18. 

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