Friday, December 11, 2015

Aloha Friday!

One week to go.

Video of the Day  College is awesome. If you don’t believe me just ask the First Lady of the United States and Saturday Night Lives’s Jay Pharoah.

Sacred Reading Time  I'd like to offer you some uninterrupted class time to simply read and commune with your books today. Some of you will invited to reading a cozy corner of the room, while most of you will hopefully become enraptured by the words on your pages right at your desks. Enjoy this time!

Identifying Similes and Metaphors in Music   Let's spend the remainder of our time today listening and grooving to our favorite music! However, remember that we also have an academic purpose for this. Our task today is to identify and analyze the use of similes and metaphors in some of our favorite songs. As you listen to each song, record it's title, provide an example of figurative language featured in the song, indicate whether that example is a simile or metaphor, explain what is being compared, and include a short analysis of why you think the songwriter is making the comparison. You can find the assignment Similes and Metaphors in Music in your Language Arts Google Classroom.

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