Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Day of the Quarter

Last Chance for AR Quizzes and Late Work  Do you need to take a final AR test? Do you have a late assignment you need to complete and turn in? This is your last chance to do what it takes to earn the highest grade possible. Enjoy 15 minutes to take care of your academic business.

Reflecting on Any Small Goodness  Now that we've finished the Any Small Goodness, let's briefly revisit the chapter final chapter "Christmas Presents." Look over the assignment Any Small Goodness - Christmas Presents (Ch. 9). Does your family have a special tradition like the “tamale-a-thon”? Describe a family or cultural tradition you love.

Now let's take another look at the document Any Small Goodness - Prepare to Read and Character Map. Who are the characters from the remaining chapters that are the most influential? What lesson do these character teach us? Might these lessons be a part of the puzzle to ultimately determining the theme of the entire novel?  

Identifying Theme in Any Small Goodness  Using the same document Any Small Goodness - Prepare to Read and Character Map, look over the lessons you identified for each chapter. Do you notice any similarities between the lessons? Is there a recurring theme present? Considering your analysis of each chapter, the title of the book, and other evidence from the text, what do you think an appropriate theme for Any Small Goodness might be? Discuss with your teammates.

Once you have identified a potential theme for the novel, head over to your class's Padlet wall (Period 2, Period 3, and Period 5) and share your theme statement with your classmates. 

Homework  Complete and 'turn in' assignments from the past week by tomorrow, Friday, October 16, which include: Any Small Goodness - The Band (Ch. 6), Any Small Goodness - The Lunch Box (Ch. 7), Any Small Goodness - The Green Needle Gang (Ch. 8), and Any Small Goodness - Christmas Presents (Ch. 9).

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