Friday, October 9, 2015

Blogging and Library Visiting

Publshing on Kidblog  Aloha Friday! Earlier this week, each of you joined a specially created blog for your Language Arts class. Today you will have an opportunity to make your first post and begin engaging with your fellow bloggers. To begin, please visit Kidblog and login. Find the draft entitled "About Me" that you hopefully already started. Take a moment to review your writing and make any necessary revisions and/or additions. When you feel ready, go ahead and publish. Make sure you make your post viewable for your classmates.

Commenting on Blog Posts  Today I'm going to encourage you to comment on at least one blog post by another student. Remember your comments should be respectful, specific, and helpful. If you liked something about someone's writing or their story, explain what specific aspect of their writing you appreciated. For example: I loved your use of descriptive details! If you have a tip about how a student could improve their writing, make sure to share in a way that is helpful and not hurtful. For example: I really liked your story, but I thought you could have used a few more sensory details. For more suggestions on how to be a great blog post commenter check out the video below. Have fun!  

Library Visit  Today we head to the library. Make sure you bring your books to either return or renew and your student ID card if you want to check out books. You may look for new books, read quietly, or take AR tests. Remember there are only 7 days left in the quarter and many of you need to earn AR points. Please take advantage of this opportunity and use your library time well. 

Homework  Due to Back to School Night, the deadline for the assignments that were to be due today were changed to Monday, October 12. Please make sure the following assignments are completed and 'turned in' by Monday: Any Small Goodness - Piano Lessons (Ch. 4), Any Small Goodness - The River (Ch. 5), Run-On Sentence Assignment, What is Theme?, and two Digital Reading Log entries.

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