Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goal-Setting and Library Visit

Schoolgirl Who Devoured 942 Books in One Year Tells Us Why She Loves Reading 10-year-old Faith Jackson of Altrincham, England loves to read. How much? In 2014, this Mighty Girl read 942 books -- an average of 464 pages a day! It’s a remarkable feat all on its own, but even more inspiring considering that the avid reader used to struggle with literacy. Now, she’s thrilled to be spreading the word about the joys of reading with other kids. 

When Faith was around six or seven, she could barely read at all. Her mother, Laura Jackson, says, “When they tested her it came back as having dyslexic tendencies.” However, both her parents found ways to encourage her to keep trying. "I think the main thing was we didn't push her and they didn't make her read all the time at school. We just read to her instead to help her enjoy books rather than making it a big deal. It finally did click for her -- and then it just went off into the stratosphere.” (Via A Mighty Girl)
Faith Jackson and some of her books.
To learn more about Faith's story and watch a video of her explaining why she loves reading, visit here

Accelerated Reader Goal-Setting  Today, let's think about our own reading practice and examine where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. First, I will distribute some reading data to each of, which, among other things, indicates your current reading level as well as your ZPD (which stands for Zone of Proximal Development and is a suggestion of the reading levels you should currently be reading). I want you to record this data along with the corresponding colors (see below for reference) on your 3rd Quarter Reading Log. Next, please login to the Accelerated Reader site, click "Progress," then click "Current Marking Period," and review how you did with regards to achieving last quarter's goal. What will your reading goal be this quarter? Once you have decided and cleared it with me, go ahead and indicate your 3rd Quarter Reading Goal on your current Reading Log. I will later enter that goal into the Accelerated Reader system so you can track your current progress. Good luck this quarter! 

Library Visit  Now let's head on over to the library and find books that are within our Zone of Proximal Development, are of interest to us, and will help us reach our 3rd Quarter Reading Goal! Please bring with you any books that you are returning or renewing, along with your student ID card.   

Homework   (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a Digital Reading Log entry using the new 3rd Quarter Reading Log(2.) Continue working on both your 100 Word Challenge: '...what was that I could feel?...' (Week 18) story and Summary of "Shattered Lives", both of which are due and will be published on Friday, January 23