Friday, January 30, 2015

Aloha Friday!

100 Word Challenge: Finishing Touches  Aloha Friday! It's just about time to publish this week's 100 Word Challenge. Please look over your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge (Week 19) story carefully. Did you skillfully integrate the words from this week's prompt? Did you use descriptive words and sensory details? Do the events in your story sequence flow naturally from one to the other? Did you avoid run-ons, fragments, and inconsistent verb tenses? Did you carefully review your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation? Please make sure your published writing is as good as it can be. 

100 Word Challenge: Publishing Time  Now it's publishing time! Copy your 100 Word Challenge: Picture Challenge (Week 19) story from your Google Doc and then login to Kidblog. Make a new post. Give your story an appropriate title; just make sure you put 100 WC: before it. Paste your story. Please color or bold the words from this week's prompt, so your readers can locate them easily. Finally, click "Publish."

Next, copy the web address of your posted story and then head over to 100 Word ChallengeScroll down and paste the web address into the box that says 'Blog Link'. Enter your first name, 6th Grade, Lakeview Middle School, and for location: Watsonville, California, U.S.A. Finally, click 'Submit'. Congratulations! You are an internationally published author! 

100 Word Challenge: Assessment Submission  At least once a month I will be asking you to submit one of your 100 Word Challenge stories to me to be assessed using our 100 Word Challenge Rubric and included as part of your Language Arts assessment grade. You may choose between the following stories: '...the light was SO bright...' (Week 17)'...what was that I could feel?...' (Week 18), or Picture Challenge (Week 19).

The story you select should represent your very best writing and most closely meet the criteria explained in 100 Word Challenge Rubric below. 

Once you decide on the story you want to submit, go to Kidblog and copy the address of your selected story. Next, visit the Google form here and submit it to me. I can't wait to read your stories! 

Sacred Reading Time  Today I offer you another 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted class time to simply read and commune with your books. Some of you will invited to read outside, others in a cozy corner of the room, while most of you will hopefully become enraptured by the words on your pages right at your desks. Enjoy this time!

Homework  Make sure you read for 30 minutes at least once over the weekend and make an entry on your 3rd Quarter Reading Log. Don't forget to try one of the 100 New Year's Reading Resolutions for 2015 and make note of it on your log. I will be grading this week's Reading Log on Monday, February 2.