Friday, August 22, 2014

Star Reading Test and Goal-Setting

Video of the Day  Aloha Friday! Need a little video pep talk? Kid President has one for all of us. Enjoy!  

Star Reading Test  Today we are going to take the Star Reading Test which is going to help provide a sense of what your current reading level is. Once we determine your reading level we will better be able to match you up with engaging books that are just right for you. Make sure you do your very best. Read carefully and use your new context clues strategy. Good luck! You can find a link to the test here.  

Accelerated Reader Goal-Setting  Once you know what your reading level is, you will have a better idea of what level books you should be reading and what an appropriate reading goal would be for you for the quarter. I will be meeting with you during this time to discuss your reading level, "just right" books levels, and to decide on your A.R. goal. We will use a chart like the one below to help us in the process. 
You will then record your personalized reading data and goal on the goal-setting document I've placed in your Language Arts folders. You can also find a link to the document here. If I don't have time meet with you today, we will make time next week.  

Independent Work Time  If you finish your Star Test early and/or are waiting to meet with me to discuss your data, you may either work on any assignments that you need to complete or you may continue to practice working with context clues using the link here. We will be having a 'Context Clues Quiz' sometime early next week.