Thursday, August 28, 2014

Identifying and Analyzing Character Traits in 'Eleven'

Mrs. Price 
Identifying Character Traits  After reading the short story "Eleven," reflect on what you've learned about its main characters: Rachel and Mrs. Price. Who are they as people? What character traits do they reveal through their words, actions, and feelings? Using your character trait lists form earlier in the week (you can still find links here and here), identify several different traits you would associate with each character. You can post your trait ideas on your class's Padlet wall: Period 2, Period 3, Period 5.    

Analyzing Character Traits  It's not enough to just make a "claim" about a character having a certain character trait. You need to support your claim using evidence from the story. What does the character do, say, or feel that caused you to associate a particular trait with them. Locate quotes and examples directly from the text to back up and strengthen your claims and ideas. Today you will further analyze the main characters in "Eleven" and their traits using the document that has been placed in your Language Arts folders. You may also find a link to the document here

Homework  (1.) Complete your 'Character Traits in 'Eleven'' assignment, which is due tomorrow, Friday, August 29. (2.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a digital Reading Log entry. (Remember that your reading log has been placed in your Language Arts folders. If for some reasons you need to make a copy of the reading log, you can find a link to it here.)