Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Poetry: "Oranges" and Sensory Details

The poem "Oranges" is featured in the book of poetry Fire in My Hands By Gary Soto 

 Today's Learning Objectives   To understand and appreciate poetry and to recognize imagery and its effects. 

"Oranges" by Gary Soto: Noting Sensory Details  Today we will read the poem "Oranges" by Gary Soto, which is rich with imagery and sensory details.  Remember that writers use sensory details to appeal to a reader's senses -- sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. These details can help the reader visualize the scene the writer is describing and create images that evoke feelings within the reader.

As we read "Oranges" take note of Gary Soto's use of sensory details using the document "Oranges" - Sensory Details, which can be found in your Language Arts Google Classroom.

Homework  Continue working on the "Oranges" - Sensory Detailswhich is due tomorrow, Friday, January 20

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